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Production Process

We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to ensure their products meet the requirements and design specifications they are after. Our expert team have a depth of knowledge about the manufacturing process that ensures we exceed your expectations on every job.

Step 1

Raw Material

Our in-house testing and analysis of materials include inspection of our raw brass’s characteristics and chemical composition. Sourced from only certified manufacturers, we also identify and codify the raw material and guarantee total traceability throughout the entire production cycle.

Step 2

Design & 3D

Our technical office works closely with our clients through the research and development stages. Product optimization, prototypes, and simulation software help reduce costs while maintaining exceptionally high production standards.

Step 3

Dies & Tooling

We produce dies and tools that speed up the manufacturing process to minimise wait times. Collaboration with our hot forging department allows for constant verification of the product and added quality checks that improve and accelerate the production process.

Step 4

Hot Forging

Every product is the result of decades of knowledge surrounding the best practices in hot forging. Highly efficient machinery makes fast work of the hot forging process. Our brass billets are heated up and hot forged to produce a raw product ready for trimming and surface treatments.

Step 5


We use state of the art machinery that allows for high production flexibility and large and small runs. Our investment in our technology makes machining products for a wide range of customer requests possible, no matter how they need to be customised.

Step 6

Assembly and Testing

We are dedicated to product control, testing and monitoring at every stage of the production and assembly process. From the in-house analysis of raw material to testing prototypes, we test and evaluate for any problems or defects to the highest level.

Step 7


We can assemble, pack and deliver your products at a competitive speed compared to imported products and will talk you through your packaging options.

Other Services

General Engineering

From design to production, our general engineering capabilities never fail to deliver.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting services for a wide range of materials, all precision cut and quality assured.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control machining offers better precision and control on complex designs.

Chrome Plating

Chrome plating surface treatments for reduced friction, better durability and abrasion tolerance.

Powder Coating

Powder coating protects parts for a more durable finish and provides an attractive finish.

Zinc Plating

The galvanization process applies zinc coating to steel or iron for better rust prevention.

Hot Dip Galvanise Plating

Galvanise iron and steel by immersing metal in a bath of molten zinc at a high temperature.

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