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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that are downloaded onto your device by your web browser when you access any website or app that posts a link to this policy (collectively “the Sites”). Different types of cookies provide us with different information, all of which are used to provide you with a better experience on our Sites and provide us with greater information on users to make further improvements.

Types of Cookies

We use the following types of cookies.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: There are certain first-party cookies that are required for you to access all of the functionality of our Sites.
  • Preference Cookies: Preference cookies allow us to remember your preferences and past actions.
  • Statistics Cookies: Statistics cookies are stripped of any identifying Personal Information, anonymized, and aggregated and used for statistical purposes. The sole purpose is to improve our Sites’ functionality.

First and Third-Party Cookies

First-Party Cookies: First-party cookies are controlled by us.

Third-Party Cookies: Third-party cookies are controlled by our thirdparty advertisers. A list of our third-party advertiser affiliates is contained in our privacy policy.Depending on the cookie, our Sites may use both first-party and thirdparty cookies.

Control of Cookies

How Long are Cookies Stored?

Session Cookies: Session cookies are temporary and only retain information on your activities on our Sites for as long as you remain on our Sites. Session cookies are deleted when your web browser is closed.

Permanent Cookies: Permanent cookies remain on your device until they are deleted or on the cookie’s expiration date. Depending on the cookie, our Sites use both session and permanent cookies.

Cookies and Personal Information

Where cookies are used to collect your Personal Information, or other
Anonymized Data (as these terms are defined our privacy policy), they
will be used, stored and destroyed in accordance with our privacy

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